City Fabric was developed by Vancouver-based artists and architects Rebecca Bayer and Matthew Soules, commissioned in partnership with 221A and the Burrard Arts Foundation.

The installation was made up of construction safety netting, a material designed for temporary use that has become iconic in Vancouver—a city that since the 1980s has been under intensive real estate speculation and development. Typically used to protect passersby from construction hazards, ten sections of the netting (amounting to 800 lineal feet) were stretched between the concrete piers of the Burrard Street Bridge. City Fabric cherished the temporary permanence of construction debris netting; beautiful, impoverished for its utilitarian use, yet profoundly normal.

City Fabric

Matthew Soules and Rebecca Bayer

Exhibit Dates

Aug 1 to Sep 30, 2015


Underneath Burrard Street Bridge
Vancouver, BC


Public Installation