The mural at 302 West 2nd Avenue is a painted collage several human faces representing various races, gender and age. The unified combination of individuals coming together as a whole is a visual celebration of diversity, acceptance and community. With this mural, Knight communicates the sentiment that the human desire for connection is universal, thus superseding all physical signifiers. It speaks to the City of Vancouver’s pride in diversity and acts as a symbol of a strong community based on tolerance and respect.

A combination of Cubist and Realist styles, the attractive composition is both balanced and innovative. It employs the traditional vehicle of portraiture to express a contemporary ideal. A wide variety of demographics are represented in the collage, including symbols of First Nations heritage, honouring its particularly pointed and important presence in British Columbia’s history.

James Knight (@fourhundredml) is entirely self-taught. His fluency with spraypaint, colour and form acquired from years of painting graffiti has transferred into a fine-art practice that incorporates cutting-edge visual renderings with remarkable lifelike qualities. Leaning towards realism with a idiosyncratic style, his gift for portraiture and capturing the human spirit is made all the more remarkable when viewers are reminded his works are rendered entirely with spraypaint. James now works out of his studio in Vancouver, having gained the attention and respect of collectors across Canada and internationally.

James has exhibited in Vancouver group shows including “Best of Everything” at Baron Gallery (2013,) “Type” at HAWC Gallery (2013,) “Kintsukoroi – To Mend with Gold” at Burrard Arts Foundation (2014,) and “Exposé” at Ayden Gallery, (2015.) He also collaborates with commercial clients such as, Nike, Adidas, Beta5 and the NBA.

302 West 2nd Avenue

James Knight

Exhibit Dates

Installed October 2015


302 West 2nd Avenue
Vancouver, BC


Outdoor Mural