Derya Akay takes inspiration from public squares for Meydan, an installation occupying the Polygon Gallery’s main floor. A meydan in Turkey is a town centre that serves as a market place where the exchange of goods becomes a lively space of social encounters and mutual aid.

Through various sculptural displays, as well as interventions into the gallery structure itself, Akay alludes to the ad-hoc conditions of provisional markets where distinctions between interior and exterior spaces are fluid. As in previous works, the artist takes to heart how galleries can also be gathering places of communal and intercultural exchange with food sharing and collaboration.

A type of living artwork, Meydan is always in a state of flux that will evolve over a three-month period, as fermentation progresses, flowers dry and seasonal fruit displays are added. In addition, throughout the exhibition Akay will offer complimentary food items for takeaway. Watch for ongoing changes to the installation and plan to visit the artist who will be working in Meydan, primarily on Thursdays.

View a virtual tour of the exhibition here.

Photographic documentation by Rachel Topham.

Meydan is the fourth in a 10-year commissioning program of new public artworks installed at The Polygon Gallery, in collaboration with the Burrard Arts Foundation.


Derya Akay

Exhibit Dates

Apr 24 to Aug 1, 2021


The Polygon Gallery


salvaged materials, fermentation, food, flowers, fruit