Public Art, as a means for creative expression, has the potential to reach the broadest cross-­section of the Vancouver community, and is a primary focus of Burrard Arts Foundation. Our goal is to enliven Vancouver’s public art landscape with groundbreaking projects that appeal to a wide range of local community members and act as an entry point towards deeper engagement with the arts in Vancouver.

Façade Festival was BAF’s largest and most ambitious public art project. Held every second September in the heart of Vancouver’s downtown core, the festival commissioned ten local artists to produce original video artworks that were projection-mapped nightly onto the Vancouver Art Gallery’s northern façade. The festival created an immersive, large-scale celebration of art and technology that was free and open for the public to enjoy.

BAF’s other public art projects have included permanent murals and temporary installations around Vancouver, as well as ongoing partnerships with The Polygon Gallery in North Vancouver, Capture Photography Festival and In Transit BC. 

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