In Conversation: Tom Hsu



How did your time in the BAF Residency Program impact the creation of this show? In what directions did it lead your practice?


My time during the BAF Residency Program allowed me to incubate in my cave of images.  It was important for me to sit and let the images linger within my thought process, and see how they dance with each other.  I started thinking about my relationship with photography and why is it important to me.  How do images on the wall relate to objects on and off the wall? I picked up Camera Lucida by Roland Barthes again, and started drawing connections, learning what it means to dance with photography. “ A labyrinthine man never seeks the truth, but only his Ariadne.” (Barthes, pg.73) This fragment stuck with me, and made me think about truth and photography; by building a labyrinth, maybe the truth becomes less important, but the intention and the root of it all is what matters.  Perhaps that is the light we all seek…