Influenced by the aesthetics of early modernists such as Miro, Picasso, Matta, Gorky and Klee, Keeton’s is an illustrative and expressive style of painting that marries familiar symbolism and abstract shape to create objects, architecture and landscapes.

Growing up on the Pacific Northwest and coming of age during the 90’s, Robbins drew inspiration from both the art and culture of the surrounding First Nations communities and the artists of the second-wave skateboarding subculture. Recent works have explored the relationship between the unconscious mind and fragmented history by referencing artefacts and familiar imagery. Robbins has transitioned from using wood veneers as support to crafted paper, using the natural surface and a restrained palette to explore graphic symbolism. His work detaches time and context, projecting a modern ambiance over an abstracted past. Drawing and painting with “impatient urgency,” Keeton finds that his ideas are best left to naturally evolve before they are corrupted by reason.

Light the Past

Tyler Keeton Robbins

Exhibit Dates

May 14 to Jun 20, 2015


BAF Gallery
108 East Broadway
Vancouver, BC


Mixed Media