This special, weekend-long group exhibition celebrates the eight local artists selected to participate in BAF’s 2020 residency, creating and exhibiting new bodies of work at BAF throughout the year.

Vancouver is a city where the space, time and financial resources needed to create art can be scarce, and these limitations can place constraints on artists, preventing their work from reaching its full potential. The BAF Residency program was created to help artists overcome these barriers, providing dedicated space, time, and funding in order to facilitate work that otherwise may not be realized.

BAF is thrilled to announce the following emerging artists as 2020 Residency recipients, and are excited to enable them to develop and share their work with the public:

Jackie Dives, Katie So, Cara Guri, Russna Kaur, Michael Edward Miller, Eli Muro, Annie Briard, Sandeep Johal.

Common themes in the work of those selected include identity, mental health, physical perception, and the digital experience. The above artists will work out of BAF’s on-site studios for ten weeks, following which their work will be exhibited in BAF’s gallery space.

From Thursday, March 19 to Saturday, March 21, visit BAF to see work from these upcoming residents and get a taste of the year’s upcoming exhibitions.

Residency Preview Exhibition

2020 Residents

Exhibit Dates

Mar 19 to Mar 21, 2020


BAF Gallery
2-258 East 1st Ave
Vancouver, BC


Group show