BAF presents a meditation by Vancouver-based interdisciplinary artist Long Gao.

An evolving installation for the BAF Garage, the project will see the artist adopt a regular ritual of pinning fresh flower petals to the exhibition walls. Vibrant on each day of installation, the assemblages will quickly wither in the summer heat, cumulatively filling the garage space with dried remnants over the course of the exhibition. The work is an ongoing meditation on our relationship with nature and natural elements, on fleeting beauty and ephemerality. The performance extends beyond the garage space, with each bundle of flowers sourced or donated from local gardens or vendors, requiring unseen negotiation or exchange.

BAF visitors are welcome and encouraged to donate flowers to the project.

a meditation

Long Gao


BAF Gallery
2-258 East 1st Ave
Vancouver, BC

Exhibit Dates

Aug 18 to Oct 22, 2022


Aug 18, 6-9PM