The Burrard Arts Foundation was pleased to present two new bodies of work developed in spring 2016 by artist-in-residence Laura Piasta titled, A Definite Volume But No Fixed State.

Laura Piasta is a Vancouver based Artist who’s practice often approaches the subject of Landscape through alternative applications where natural occurring phenomena and material become subjects and or participants in the production and reading of the work.

The exhibition, A Definite Volume But No Fixed State, was a selection from a series of abstract ink prints on paper that capture a material process in Piasta’s work. Using a marbling technique the works employed chance and error as a means to depict space and form. The works resembled topographic landscapes from another planet or dimension. 

The second body of work explored transformations from a fluid state to a solid form by way of hydro-stone plaster sculptures. While the plaster is liquid, it is poured into a spandex form, given a gesture and then left to solidify. The pressure and weight of the material resembled bodily flesh, taking on abstract figurative shapes. 

The title “A Definite Volume But No Fixed State” described the element of liquid matter. Through these two bodies of work Laura Piasta explored a sensitivity to the transcendental potential of material objects.

A Definite Volume But No Fixed State

Laura Piasta

Exhibit Dates

July 14 to Aug 27, 2016


BAF Gallery
108 East Broadway
Vancouver, BC


Mixed Media