Reception: Thursday, Dec 2, 6-9PM
Proof of vaccination is required for reception.

Eric Tkaczyk’s video installation /ˈsent(ə)nəl/ explores issues of alienation, privacy, and surveillance in the Information Age. The project uses projection-mapping and privacy film to display flickering eyes on the street-facing windowpanes of the BAF Garage. The installation mimics the screen-mediated nature of online communication, creating a similar partitioned interaction between audience and projector.

As an emerging, queer artist seeking to have embodied experiences in the world, the coldness and anonymity of the internet provokes anxiousness in Tkaczyk. He feels the presence of screens and cameras around him in his everyday life, mediating and surveilling his interactions. On the one hand, he feels unease when online, where queer identities are often subject to scrutiny. On the other, the digital realm has allowed him to connect with a diverse range of people from all walks of life. His work explores the tensions between these feelings—reflections on “an internet that simultaneously opens up my world and alienates me.”

The glitchy and rhythmic projections of /ˈsent(ə)nəl/ cut in and out, mimicking the movements of restless eyes—the gaze of the viewer and the gaze of the projection are in constant disharmony—posing the question of who is watching whom.


Eric Tkaczyk

Exhibit Dates

Nov 18, 2021 to Mar 19, 2022


Dec 2, 6-9PM


BAF Gallery
2-258 East 1st Ave
Vancouver, BC