During COVID-19 physical distancing, photographer Jackie Dives began recording her experience of these historical times by taking one Polaroid each day, which she dated and saved together with other photographs shot during this time. The creative constraints imposed by physical distancing forced Dives to push new boundaries in her work, developing and extending her practice further.

Dives compiled the Polaroids and photographic work shot during this time into a printed zine, titled ‘Bonnie Says’ after BC health minister and newfound folk hero Bonnie Henry, who has become a beacon of stability and reassurance in these dark times.

‘Bonnie Says’ is a highly personal record of this collective experience, dealing with themes of isolation, connection and alienation; these feelings were experienced by many during this time, but especially by those who are living alone, as Dives is.

To order a physical copy of ‘Bonnie Says’, visit jackiedives.com/store.

Bonnie Says

Bonnie Says: A Digital Exhibition from Jackie Dives


Photography, Digital Exhibition