Burrard Arts Foundation presents is it as it is by Ali Bosley. Through a series of snaking, webby-wobbly interactions, Bosley’s BAF Garage installation teases out, and makes visible, the interstices inside and between digital forms of capture. In particular, this recent work considers the desire to find vulnerability and meaningful connection under conditions of algorithmic categorization.


over and under, undone
merit marked by me – my me is method, mine, too late to find it here. Oh well. Oh well, well.

Can you do all of that, I ask, at once? Are all those things there for you, now, dusted dusty
earnings trivial against an indebted glut?

Latticing superstructure extrastate-graft – picked up where I left off and I can’t remember I wanted to say.
For fucks sake. I know I have a point. But now I can’t remember what was worthwhile in the first place. And I
just want to write poems maybe instead.

My, my hand is bigger than yours – so that makes me worried. You see. I desire to be small,
small small, tiny in fact, as a pebble is to a bike wheel – right? Enough to knock it off pace,

membrance = membrane + c = re-membrane, see?

So, spruce – meant endlessly to launch upon a torrential rain, terrain split halfway between my
and mine. The making of the thing is worth more than the thing itself, I said, and scoffed.
Apropos of nothing, she said. Apropos, of nothing. And they used the word “tacit” 10 times in
that introduction – meaning tension – meaning mark-ed meaning making most spuriously
divined. Market introduction for the curious, and refined. Split twice, halfway, tacitly –
instantiable declarations of the ending of the mind. So, fine.

So, spruce – [laughing]. I have no expectations yet I feel like I’m losing. Where did all of that
go? So sure, we were, of the real – or, a reclamation of the real after expul—

Ali Bosley is an artist, writer, and organizer originally from rural Alberta and ‘Vancouver,’ BC, recently relocated to London, UK. Referencing science fiction, media theory, memory, synesthetes, and noise music, her work considers the capacity of various modes of organizing to provide a psychic space for emoting alternative systems of information and communication.

In 2019, Ali received her BFA from Emily Carr University. In 2020, she helped found the Vancouver Artist Labour Union (VALU) Co-op, and the Artists and Cultural Workers Union (ACWU). Ali now helps organize Duplex Artists’ Society, and is currently attending Goldsmiths, University of London to pursue a Masters in Contemporary Art Theory.

The Burrard Arts Foundation Garage Program is made possible by the generous support of the Chan Family Foundation. Photo documentation by Dennis Ha.

is it as it is

Ali Bosley


BAF Gallery
2-258 East 1st Ave
Vancouver, BC


Jun 29, 6-9PM

Exhibit Dates

Jun 29 to Aug 12, 2023